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Ace the Camper

This 2010 Hiace is the OG and where it all started for Peachwood. I purchased this van in 2017 as a work van. I then became obsessed with all things vanlife and discovering all the goodness that it had to offer. Initially it was built to cart tools to and from work daily but also serve as a bed base for weekend adventures. And Adventures were had. 

It definitely had modification on modification added to it which makes it the unique intricate build that it is. It is a three seat van across the front bench seat but ideally designed for a 2 person getaway vehicle. 

It has a three drawer system at the rear of the van which is the base of the bed. It has one large storage drawer on the passenger side and two slimmer drawers on the drivers side. The bottom one being a smaller storage drawer and the top one used as a pull-out style kitchen. The kitchen has a sink and tap which gets connected via a hose to the fresh water supply at the rear bumper. The sink is a collapsible style unit that can make washing up a breeze. Tap folds down and has a custom vic ash handle. A chopping boards fits neatly over the top of the sink to make space for chopping veg or resting the cooker unit. 


There is a small freshwater storage tank onboard in the wheel arch cavity which holds 30L and is connected to a Seaflo 9L/per minute pump. Makes it handy to plug in a hose and rinse off after being at the beach or connect to the tap to have water on hand while preparing dinner. 

The van is powered by a 120AH AGM battery which runs all 12v equipment in the van. A 1500W pure sine wave inverter is also connected to the battery making it possible to plug in some appliances on the road. The van also has 240V plug in power, allowing you to be able to connect it to mains power with activates 3 internal power points to make it even more comfortable while living out of her at the caravan park. Once plugged into mains a Noco 40A battery charger activates and automatically starts charging the battery system also. 

The interior of the van is insulated and clad with pine VJ lining boards and painted in a warm whisper white. Cabinetry and flooring is made from American oak giving her all the beach appeal you're looking for with rattan accents. The rattan wall boxes at the rear house Pioneer 6x9 speakers to get the party started at camp.

Ace is now available for rental through the new owners. follow the link here for more about taking him for a spin.

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