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The Bottlebus


One of the biggest features of this van and something that was going to be needed to work out of, was an edit desk/office space. We built this into the cabinetry so that when not in use it feels like storage space and the office chair can be spun around and used as part of the dining area. The seat is mounted to castor wheels that can be rolled out and locked in place for editing or dining. The seat then rolls away neatly under the office desk and snaps into place with heavy duty cabinet magnets. The seat area also has some carpeted storage shelves to house hard-drives, laptops, chargers etc. 

Above, the space has room for an M1 Mac mini and a mounted Dell 31.5 inch UltraSharp 4K monitor. 

This is all powered from a 200ah Lithium battery system supplied by Enerdrive. It features a 40A DC-DC Charger to automate charging while driving from the alternator and also allow solar power to charge. It has a 40A AC Charger connected so once the van is connected to mains power it automatically charges battery and supplies power to PowerPoints in van. For off-grid purposes a 2000W inverter is installed which runs the computer system, lighting, fridge and 2 x Maxxfans all day in 40 degree heat I am informed. 

Other specs of this Van include: 

- 80L water storage and ShurFlo 12V Pump with Tap and Cold water outdoor shower

- Bushman 130L Fridge 

- 2 x Maxxfan Ceiling fan

- 200AH Lithium Enerdrive Battery System 

- Enerdrive DC-DC Charger for solar compatibility 

- Enerdrive 40A AC Charger 

- 300W Enerdrive Solar Roof mounted. 

- 12V power supply near bed area and in office.  

- Strip lighting under step, cabinets and overheads for night access 

- 15mm engineered Oak overlay flooring

- Tas Oak Wall and ceiling lining 

- Laminated Birch Ply benches and cabinet tops

- Full office/edit space

- Large storage drawers under bed. 

- Feature wall lighting. 

Please scroll down for the full gallery of images. 

Andrew and Grace from Bottlebrush films are legends and idols of their industry. They make bespoke wedding films that are unlike any you have seen before. Prior to Covid a large part of their business was filming overseas weddings but with that on pause they decided to change up their lives and business. They decided on buying a van and living and working on the road. Filming weddings and exploring the beautiful country we live in. 

Firstly, we discussed in detail the look and style that we would go for in the van, that would correctly represent them and their business branding. We incorporated Black film face Birch Ply cabinetry with faux marble laminate on birch ply for bench tops. Black paired with gold was always going to be recipe for a moody, grungey, rock and roll van. Combined with hot pink velvet and a David Bowie inspired feature light and you have yourself... well... the BottleBus. 

The wall linings are Tasmanian Oak shiplap boards stained and coated in a Black Japan finish creating a perfectly textured base to work with the style. 

It has an East-West directional bed, as a shorter bed was going to work for them to maximise the space within the rest of the van to incorporate the other features we had discussed. The bed length measures at 1750mm long and around 1400mm wide. A custom mattress was supplied to cater for the cutouts around the rear pillars of the van. The bed houses two large carpeted side by side drawers the full depth of the bed area. 

Moving towards the middle of the van we have a dining area. The seat box houses an outdoor shower accessible from the side sliding door. A space for the Lagun table to be packed up and stored and some other general storage space. 

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