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2014 Mercedes Benz - Sprinter 

Rod contacted me with his Sprinter that he wanted to turn into a mobile camper van. He brought it to me as a semi converted van, albeit basic. It was clad on the walls and floor with checker plate steel with a welded frame that folded down to create a bed. It was a very industrial feel and not homely at all.


Rod wanted to create something warm but also with a clean bright feel to it and to cater for some of the home away from home comforts that come with a camper van. We spent multiple meetings discussing potential layouts and traded many ideas around this. We came up with something that was beginning to look good on paper.


We then altered bits and pieces as we moved through the build to address certain concerns and storage of specific items. One of the features of this build is the bike tray. This is something that we had planned on having from the very beginning. The bikes were to be in the van and create a sort of garage underneath the bed where outdoor gear could be stored and easily accessed. We did this by having the bikes on a slider tray that can extend out of the back of the van. This makes getting the bikes on and off very simple. It also provides access into the cupboards alongside the bikes without having to remove the bikes from their harnesses. These cupboards are for storage and also house electrical system for the Van. 


The van is powered by a 120AH AGM battery connected to the auxiliary battery via a RedArc isolator system. The battery system also includes a Projecta DC-DC battery charger that allows the battery to charge from solar panels mounted to the roof rack. The electrical system is fitted with a  Projecta display system that accurately monitors battery level and usage. This powers all of the elements in the van from Fridge, water pump, lighting, to 12v power outlets throughout. 

Other features include a 110L dometic fridge, Dometic SMEV drop sink and lid, running water in kitchen and at rear, couch area with table, double bed, swivel driver and passenger seats, TV with HDMI in cupboard and the list goes on. Everything you see here has been custom built by us to suit this specific build.


Take a look through the gallery below. 

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